10 Animal Instagram Accounts Worth Following

10 Animal Instagram Accounts Worth Following

As a veterinary clinic, we love our animals, and since you’re reading this right now, you obviously do too! No matter how much we love on, snuggle, and play with our furbabies, we just can’t seem to get enough, and if you don’t have the privilege of working with them everyday like us, we’re sure you experience some withdrawal throughout the day. Luckily, the ever-so-popular social media platform Instagram has plenty of accounts for you to follow that are plastered with cute, adorable, and hilarious pets, so you never have to yearn for your animal fill ever again!

Pumpkin the Raccoon @pumpkintheraccoon

Jill the Squirrel @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Suki the Cat @sukiicat

Rusty Rodas @rustyrodas

Penny the Fox @penny_the_fox

Cartel @carteltheotter

Yogurt The Pirate Dog @yogurt_thepirate

Camping With Dogs @campingwithdogs

Hamlet @hamlet_the_piggy

Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla @chinnybuddy

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