Hi, my name is 7! In August, I turned nine years old. My Mommy and Daddy have noticed that I have been slowing down a bit. I wish I could speak and tell them that my body just isn’t what it used to be when I was a pup, but I think they know.

My hearing is a bit off, my eyes are getting cloudy and my joints are often painful. I remember when I could easily jump up on the bed. In the past several years, I wait anxiously at the foot of the bed knowing my Mommy will gently pick me up and comfortably lay me down. This has become a wonderful nightly ritual between us. She lays next to me and covers me with a warm blanket. Oh, and I cannot go to sleep until she whispers in my ear, “Mommy loves you, you are Mommy’s baby.” She then kisses me three times, and I fall fast asleep. 

However, on some nights, I’m a little uncomfortable and toss about the bed. I can feel my Mommy’s touch as she tucks me back in and kisses me on my head.

In the morning, I scoot near the edge of the bed and sit in my Mommy’s arms knowing she will gently lift me off the bed and give me morning snuggles in her loving arms. This is the best part of my day. 

My Daddy then takes me for a long walk. I so love smelling all of smells (although they are not as strong as they used to be), barking at other dogs (I’m grumpy in my old age), and getting treats from the friendly neighbors. 

A few years ago, my Mommy and Daddy were sad one day. At the same time, I noticed them taking my sister Viva for a car ride without me. What? Why are you leaving me home alone? When they came home, Viva was not with them. I was a bit confused. I could still smell her, but she wasn’t there! This made me very sad. Viva was my big Sister! She looked out for me. My little heart misses her and I wish I could tell her how sorry I am for annoying her so much when I was a puppy. 

Then one day, a new Sister arrived. They called her Hazel. She was not Viva, and honestly, I did not like her very much. She’s growing on me now, though. However, she has so much energy, and is so much bigger than me. I long to keep up with her in the dog park, but my little, aging body won’t allow me to run any longer. 

One day, my Mommy took me to this place that I visit once a year. This person was touching me and trying to move my back legs in all sorts of directions. She then spoke to my Mommy. I’m sure it was about me.

After that visit, my Mommy took me to another place. The lady checked the movement in my back legs then had a long talk with my Mommy while I sniffed the place out. Since that visit, my Mommy has been sticking me with this pinchy thing. It hurts and I can tell she doesn’t like doing it, but I trust her. We also take car rides back to this place once a week. The nice lady rubs my back and makes me do all kinds of exercises. She even puts me in this glass case that fills with water and makes me walk inside. Can you believe? I do cry a bit while I’m in there, but I get lots of treats!

When I get home, I limp around for a few hours. Sometimes I do this just for my Mommy’s attention. Also, I’ve also noticed that my dinner plate isn’t as full as it used to be and I only get one treat at bedtime. What’s up with that? I’m old, I should get so many treats. 

With every passing day, I’m trying to get used to this old body of mine. Oftentimes, I hide my pain. I don’t want my Mommy and Daddy to be sad. However, they just seem to know and give me extra hugs and kisses!



Seeing life through the eyes and mind of an aging dog can be heartbreaking. This is a true story from one of our Healing Pups. Along with changes in his diet, added supplements and therapy, he is feeling much better. 

To learn more about osteoarthritis in dogs, click here! Although there is no cure, there are many things you can do to make your pup more comfortable and manage this disease.

We can help your pup too! Contact Healing Pups at 704-841-8884. 

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