Dog Friendly Spots in Charlotte

After a long winter and some of that Carolinian snow, Spring is finally in full swing! The trees are in bloom, the flowers are growing, the warm sun is shining, and everyone is making their way outside again. When we spend months cooped up inside from the cold and not-so-enjoyable weather, it’s safe to say we can begin to go a little stir-crazy. Now, imagine how your dog feels!

Regardless of whether your pup is energetic or simply wants to relax, any dog loves basking in the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful weather that they haven’t felt in so long. And in case you didn’t know, any dog loves spending time with its parents, so the next time you plan on going out for the day without your pup and it gives you those puppy dog eyes, grab that leash and bring it along!

Charlotte is notorious for having a ton of awesome dog-friendly spots – from cafes, to breweries, to dog parks, you name it, Charlotte has it and your dog is probably welcome. After all, dogs are a man’s best friend, and don’t you want to go everywhere with your best friend? Below is a list of 10 of the best dog-friendly spots to take your furbaby this Spring and Summer!

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