Healthy Dog & Cat Treats

As animal lovers, we only want the best for our pets, and that includes the food and treats that they eat! Who wants to feed their furbabies treats that have a mile-long ingredient list full of words that can’t be pronounced? Not us! Lucky for us and our pets, there are a wide variety of brands that are focused on providing only the healthiest and most wholesome dog and cat treat options, but it’s important to know what to look for when treat shopping. There are also a handful of healthy human grade food alternatives that can serve as pet treats as well. Your pets deserve to be treated, but make sure they’re treated right! 

What should you look for when buying treats?

Top quality, whole food ingredients

You should shop for your pet’s treats the same way you would shop for your own food! Remember that the first few ingredients listed are the most significant, and it’s important to make sure that they are fresh, pure, and as minimally processed as possible. Look for whole food ingredients like “wheat” over processed ingredients like “wheat-flour” to reduce the risk of contamination and increase the nutritional value.

Natural preservatives

If you are purchasing treats that are preserved, look for ones that are naturally preserved. Natural preservatives such as Vitamins C and E are both effective and safe for your pet.

Caloric content

Dog food and treat manufacturers are not required to provide the caloric content on their product labels, but some companies do choose to provide this information. Look for treat companies that do provide the caloric content so that you know exactly how many calories you are feeding your pet. Low calorie treats are the best choice because, just as with human treats, pet treats are made desirable with added fat, sugar, and salt. Lower calorie treats mean less of the added not-so-good stuff.

What about human food as treats?

For the pups

Apple slices


Pear slices

Baby carrots/carrot slices

Sweet potato cubes

Frozen green beans

Animal crackers


Rice cakes

Oyster crackers

For the kitties

  • Salmon
  • Cantaloupe cubes
  • Banana slices
  • Apple slices (without skin)
  • Blueberries
  • Frozen or raw peas
  • Chicken pieces
  • Turkey pieces
  • Cooked egg pieces

Want to make your pet’s treats instead? Check out these recipes!

Homemade dog treats:

Homemade cat treats:

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