Improving Feline Mental Health

Any cat owner knows that owning their little furry friend greatly increases their quality of life. And if we know how happy our cats make us, it’s important that we do our best to make sure they are just as happy! Understanding the importance of feline mental health is a crucial part of creating and maintaining a loving, trustworthy, and mutually-beneficial relationship with your cat. What steps can you take to make sure your cat keeps a healthy mental space?

Give as much love as you get

Human stress levels are proven to decrease when cuddling cats, and the same can be said for the other way around! If your cat is in the mood (don’t force it), give it lots of TLC, rubs, and scratches in all its favorite places. Doing so can serve as a consistent reminder to your cat that it is safe and loved!

Get moving

You know how good you feel after hitting a great workout? Cats can actually get that same feeling! Not only does exercise help to keep your cat healthy, but it also stimulates its mind and helps it burn off much needed energy. Pick a time throughout the day and dedicate it to your cat’s favorite form of play time, whatever that may be. 

Provide a scratching outlet

While you certainly don’t want your cat scratching on your doors or furniture, you should give your cat something to scratch. Scratching helps cats stretch, shed dead claws, and relieve stress. Provide your cat with a proper scratching outlet, such as a post, that it can use daily.

Incorporate problem solving activities

Cats are incredibly smart animals, and giving them activities that put their minds to work is a great way to maintain good mental health. Activities such as puzzle balls and food mazes are perfect ways to both treat your cat and also keep it busy in a fun and rewarding fashion. Want to take your activity choices to another level? Try teaching your cat commands and tricks with food rewards!

Feed a well-balanced diet

As humans, we know that eating junk food and a consistently poor diet can lead to some pretty bad feelings, both physically and mentally. If we feed our cats in the same way, they are bound to start feeling bad too. To prevent this from happening, it’s very important to feed your cat a well-balanced and nutritious diet that provides all of the minerals and antioxidants needed to stay healthy. If you have questions about how to properly feed your cat, consult your veterinarian.

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