Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for family and friends alike to gather together. It’s a day when memories are exchanged, laughs are shared, and incredible food is feasted upon. Speaking of incredible food, it’s clear that an endless spread of delicious dishes is the main focus of Thanksgiving itself. That being said, eating plate after plate of food can leave any human feeling too full, lethargic and even sick, so it’s important to remember that allowing your pets to partake in the holiday too can cause them to feel the same, or even worse. Here are some helpful tips to keep your beloved pets safe this Thanksgiving.At the center of the table will be the juicy, perfectly browned Turkey, and on the table it should stay. You may be tempted to sneak the family dog a sliver or two under the table, but doing so may just put you on Santa’s upcoming naughty list as even a small amount can cause pancreatitis, a life-threatening condition. Other foods found on the table that are healthy for humans may not only be unhealthy for pets, but poisonous too. The best way to ensure that furry friends celebrating Thanksgiving do not get sick is to avoid feeding them human food all together.Food isn’t the only aspect of Thanksgiving that has the ability to cause harm to your pets. It’s crucial to keep in mind that hosting the holiday brings in many unfamiliar people. This may make your pets uncomfortable, and in turn cause them to become cranky, irritable or skittish. If you know that your pet is nervous around new people or easily excited, you may want to make arrangements prior to the beginning of the celebration in order to keep them calm and reduce emotional stress. If your pets are comfortable and at ease around houseguests, it’s still important to keep an eye on them, as they may find their way through opening and closing doors.With the holiday season also comes gifts and decorations, and both can pose as threats to your pets. All wrapping paper should be picked up immediately after opening so that animals do not have the opportunity to get ahold of any scraps. Festive potpourri and plants such as amaryllis, Baby’s Breath, Sweet William and some ferns and hydrangeas should also be placed out of your pet’s reach as they can be extremely toxic and life threatening.

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