The Ultimate Pet Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas music singing through every radio station and bright lights illuminating every house, it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friends gather to celebrate the beauty of the holiday season, and it’s safe to say our pets partake in the festivities too. From being included in Christmas cards, to being dressed in festive clothes, all the way to tagging along on long walks in the gently falling snow, our fur babies feel extra loved during this time of year. Although the Christmas season is about so much more than giving and receiving gifts, those wrapped presents under the tree are still a huge part of the holiday. So when Christmas morning rolls around don’t forget about those selfless furry friends that love you to no end and remember, they deserve the world, or at least lots of toys and treats.

Dog Grooming Goodies
Treat your pup to a day at the spa with these lovely grooming products. Not only will you leave your dog feeling completely pampered, but you’ll also feel fantastic finally having a sparkling clean companion next to you on the couch.
Fancy Dog Toys
Sure, they may rip them to shreds in a matter of minutes, but don’t you want to see the sheer look excitement on your dog’s face once you show them they’re brand new toys? We thought so.
KitNipBox Subscription
It’s clear that all cats have their very own distinct personalities, so why not tend to those with an awesome monthly box of kitty surprises? It’s the Christmas gift that keeps on giving and will entertain your cat even more than string!
Kitty Food Maze
Does your indoor cat love to eat more than it loves to play? Check both off the list at the same time with an awesome food maze and make breakfast and dinnertime fun!
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