Weber’s Birthday Pedicure Extravaganza

It’s a big week at Independence Veterinary Clinic. Why? It’s Weber’s birthday week!

Weber isn’t the only one that gets to celebrate either, because if you and your pet wish him a Happy Birthday any time between October 8th and 13th, your pet will receive a free pedicure!

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is extremely important to their health, so what a great way to get it done and make both Weber and your furbaby happy.

Many pets give their parents trouble when it comes to nail trimming, often make it difficult to care for their nails at all. However, nails that are too long can cause your pet’s feet to get out of alignment, interrupt energy flow, and cause discomfort as well as a variety of other problems. If your pet’s nails are clicking against the floor or getting caught on things like blankets or clothes, it’s time for a pedicure.

Attention should also be paid to your pet’s pads and toes daily, as well as during pedicures. Those paws do a lot of walking, running, playing and scratching and can become injured or damaged if not properly cared for. If you take your pet for a walk in any type of dirty or salty environment, do your best to remember to clean their paws off with a damp cloth or wipe.

Without those healthy paws, your furbaby wouldn’t be able to have all of the fun or bring you all of the joy that they do. So come on in, wish Weber the Happiest of Birthdays, give him a good pet, and help your pet keep those paws in tip-top shape!

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