What is Holistic Pet Care?

In recent years, many humans have made the conscious decision to learn how to maintain their health and aid any ailments through more natural means (eastern medicine), while combining this with doctor visits, drugs, radiation and surgery (western medicine) when necessary. This combination of treatments is known as holistic health care and the coolest part is that it’s not just being used for humans, it’s being used for pets too! 

More and more veterinarians are beginning to implement holistic medicine into their practices as a way to look at and treat pets’ overall health. In fact, our very own Dr. Dixon is extremely passionate about this form of medicine and is certified in holistic pet care! Using both traditional and alternative therapies, Dr. Dixon and other veterinarians rely on lab results and prescriptions as well as acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies to keep pets as healthy as possible.

Rather than simply prescribing drugs to treat diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and arthritis, vets recommend purposeful changes in diet and utilize holistic therapies to treat your pet as a “whole” in addition to any prescribed medication. Doing so not only treats your pet’s current disease, illness or injury, but also works to prevent future ailments by allowing your pet’s body to go through its own healing and immunity-building process.

Adding Alternative Therapies to your Pet’s Health Care

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain and pressure within the body, however only within the past ten to twenty years has the scientific community recognized its effectiveness. Especially beneficial in older pets or pets with chronic pain, acupuncture can help to treat back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and limps. It’s also helpful for any pets undergoing other western medicine treatments.

Herbal Therapy

Herbs can be extremely beneficial to a pet’s wellbeing. Different herbs have different effects on your pet and its health, and a vet practicing holistic health care will know what works best for your pet’s current physical and mental state.


If you’ve ever used an essential oil diffuser, you know how incredibly relaxing scents can be. The good news is that diffusing your favorite scent is just as helpful for your pet and can help to alleviate any stress and anxiety. Keep in mind, though, that your pet’s sense of smell is much stronger than your own, so only a slight scent is necessary. Additionally, take caution when using aromatherapy as the ingestion of essential oils is poisonous to pets and can be fatal. Keep bottles far out of your pet’s reach.

Massage Therapy

Even pets love a good massage! Why do you think they love to be rubbed, pet, and belly-scratched so much? Doing so helps to bring them a sense of calm and melts away any anxiety they may be experiencing. What’s more, professional massages help to increase blood flow and reduce swelling, making it a great tool to combine with other forms of western medicine treatment.

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