Carly PenningerVeterinary Nurse

    Carly has been in this field as a nurse/assistant for 13 years, telling her mother at the age of 2 “I’m going to work with animals when I grow up”. Carly has spent many years learning all the aspects of animal medicine and strives to continue to grow and learn more. This is to ensure she can better educate clients on how to prolong their pets’ life, and better overall quality of life for all pets, BIG and small! Carly has experience with critters of all sizes- Pocket Pets (Hamsters, Rabbits, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders) Farm Animals- Horses, Goats, Pigs, Cows, and of course Dogs and Cats! When not devoting her time to the critters, Carly loves to spend time with her husband TJ, and multiple fur kids- Suki- (My 16 year old Basenji), Ilu(E-loo) -(10 year old mixed breed), Dottie (6 year old 90# American bulldog), and Tiffin (7 year old orange kitty). Together they spend lots of time in the outdoors, fishing and hunting.

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