Dogercise: Keeping Your Dog Fit This Winter

We all know that when the cold weather strikes every year, it becomes very difficult to remain active with your dogs. Whether you’re trying to protect your furry friend from the chilly temperatures or you simply don’t want to endure the frigid outdoors yourself, it’s extremely easy to just forget the walks and plop on the couch with a warm blanket. What we tend to forget is that we humans partake in several tasks daily that help to keep us mentally and physically stimulated, however our dogs depend on us to initiate those tasks for them. If we don’t, our dogs are more likely to grow bored, while developing pent up energy that may lead to mischievous behavior or even slight health issues. Although it may sound strange, there are plenty of ways to give your dog the exercise it needs without stepping one foot out the door.


Fetch Races
Who said fetch could only be played outside? Space permitting, grab your furbaby’s favorite toy, find a comfy spot to sit and let loose. Mixing in a couple of fake throws will help to make you laugh and help your dog burn a little extra energy off too. Is your dog not too great at playing fetch? No worries, just gather a pile of toys and play until there’s none left.
Stair Walking
Although it may sound silly, leashing your dog up and walking it up and down the stairs a few times is not only great exercise for your pup, but for you too. Think of it as going for a nice hike without the cold air and the possibility of snow. Your dog will thank you, and you’ll be thankful too when your dog is snoozing while you’re trying to get some housework done.
Scavenger Hunts
When the ground becomes frozen and snow covered, it’s not as easy or fun for pups to sniff all of their favorite scents. Bring all of those good scents in and let your dog scavenge for a variety of treats, toys, and anything else they love to look for, all in the comfort of your home. Hide your dog in a crate or separate room while you scatter the objects around the house and then release them to start the fun.
Doggy Play Dates
What better way to release pent up energy than with a friend? Call over your BFF and your pup’s BFF and have a play date! If you want to make things even more exciting, put together a tasty little treat tray for the furry friends and grab some brand new toys from the store, especially ones that can be used for Tug-of-War.
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