Dr. Michelle Q&A

Dr. Michelle Bryan. She constantly snuggles all of your pets and loves them endlessly as if they were her own. Becoming a vet is a calling that only a very special type of person can answer, and Dr. Michelle absolutely fits the bill. You may think you know a lot about her, but read on for a Q&A to find out even more about how she was molded into the person and vet she is today.


Where did you attend veterinary school?

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

What made you choose this particular school?

I attended high school in Virginia and wanted to spread my wings. I wanted to be a vet since I was 7. Auburn had an amazing vet school and that was it.

 Why did you decide to pursue a career in the veterinary field?

I knew since I was a little girl that I was going to be a veterinarian. When I was seven I attended my Irish Setters euthanasia. He had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and I was determined to become a vet and cure animal cancer. (At least I got one accomplished).

What inspires you to go to work every day?

 I love our practice and our family of clients. I am so honored our clients trust us to care for their loved ones. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful small business and an extraordinary staff that is there for us everyday. It’s wonderful to be able to provide a livelihood for our incredible staff.

What’s a defining moment in your career that you will never forget?

 As an associate veterinarian I was not allowed to make final decisions regarding the care of pets. There was a case that served as a pivotal moment for me to want to own my own practice and be able to make all of the decisions. That inspired my search to own a veterinary practice.

What’s your favorite thing about Independence Veterinary Clinic?

 Family. Bart and I never had two legged children and IVC is truly our baby. Our amazing staff and truly wonderful clients have become our family.

 If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I would love to be a dog. They are so selfless and loyal. As a human, I could never imagine that type of unconditional love.

Tell us about your favorite childhood pet.

 As a child, I collected and rescued so many animals from crayfish to moles, rescued birds with broken wings and injured ducklings from feed stores. We had dogs, cats, hermit crabs, parakeets, cockatiels, gerbils, and guinea pigs. I was raised by an Irish Setter named Arrow that was my parents’ first child. He would share my twin bed at night, which usually resulted in me sleeping on the floor with the comforter and him sleeping on my bed.

Give us the funniest animal experience/story you’ve got.

 When I was practicing in Florida I had a wonderful technician who absolutely loved animals. She raised a duckling. This duck grew up with her dogs and boarded at the clinic where I worked. They shared a kennel and we would open the door to let them run out to the yard to potty. The dogs and duck would come out and waddle outside for their potty time then walk back into their run together.

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