Did you know the sale of pet tech products has shown significant growth over the past two years? In fact, sales of pet tech products are more than triple that of non-food related pet products. 

Now that more and more pet owners are transitioning back to the workplace, the demand for smart pet technologies is on the rise. Pet owners are looking for pet tech products that can provide both safety, and convenience. 

Let’s have a look at a few of these smart devices that can offer a creative technological solution to keeping your pets happy, and healthy.


Not only can you soothe your puppy or kitty to sleep using an innovative Tempurpedic-like bed, but you can also consider innovative technology to relieve stress, while crated. 

ZenCrate uses motion-sensored activated fans and a soothing playlist to calm your fur baby inside their crate. 


After a bit of research, we found CleverPet Hub. This smart device was created to entertain your pet while you are not home. Your pup or cat uses the touchpad to light up and make noises. In return for correctly tapping with their paws, treats will be dispensed. 

Smart balls are another interactive pet toy that will allow you to remotely (or set to auto), play ball with your pet. 


Did you know that there are smart pet feeding devices? As a busy pet owner, you can program the feeder to dispense food and/or water on your pet’s schedule. No more “running home” to feed Fido!

Additionally, pet technology has advanced to pet cameras that even dispense treats!

Smart litter box technology is also a THING!


Ever have an “unwanted guest” appear through your pet door? Well, new pet door technology can keep out unwanted critters. 

Microchip pet doors allow you to remotely control the door with your cellphone. Basically, the microchip that is attached to your dog or cat’s collar is read through your electronic device and will alert you to open the door.

Additionally, this type of pet technology will let your monitor when your pet leaves and enters your home. It can also allow you to keep your pet safelyindoors during bad weather. 


Think of pet wearables as Fitbits for your pets. Well, at least for location and activity tracking. 

These types of pet technologies can give you a “window” into your pet’s day. They can track location, activity levels and sleep. Additionally, some devices will even allow you to share this information with your veterinarian. 


Understanding your pet’s DNA is a great tool for veterinarians to customize care. Certain breeds have unique needs. Knowing the genetic makeup of your pet will help you to better care for them. 

Wisdom Panel is the leading DNA testing kit used by veterinarians. 

STAYING CONNECTED As mentioned earlier, the business of innovative pet products is huge. In the coming years, we may see exponential growth. Thankfully, staying connected to your pet is, and will become much easier! 

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