New Year’s Pet Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when many of us begin to create our own personal “New Year’s resolutions,” though something we never really consider is that our furry friends may be in need of some human-made resolutions too. Throughout the year, life can become a bit hectic and sometimes the plans and appointments we’ve had for our pets can continuously get pushed to the side.

Daily walks may turn into weekly walks, monthly grooms may turn into biannual grooms, and good old quality play time may come close to the point of disappearance. At the start of 2019, it’s important to remember that even though our lives may get crazy, our pets depend on us and we are their lives. Just as they bring us so much joy and happiness, we should hold ourselves to the standard to do the exact same for them, every single day. What are some resolutions that you and your pet can set in order to make the upcoming year the best one yet?

Get Moving

Most of us end the holidays with the desire to shed a few pounds, and if you take a look at your furbaby, you may find that they should lose some weight too! Pets make perfect workout partners and will surely keep you motivated with those cute faces, tail wags, and never ending bursts of energy. Take the time at least once a day to take your dog for a walk, jog or hike and to chase your cat around the house.


Create a Schedule

Pets thrive off of routine, so creating a schedule and sticking to it is a great way to keep your dog or cat happy. When walk time, play time and meal time always happen at the same time, your pet will eventually begin to let you know when those times have arrived and won’t let you get off track. Not only will this help keep you in a more reliable routine, but it will also help to decrease any anxiety your pets may have because they know what to expect next.


Spend Time on Training

Many of us feel that our pets could use a bit more training and an increase in manners, but rarely do we take the time to actively work with them on such things. Make a commitment to both yourself and your pet this New Year to sign up for a training course or carve out time daily to work on learning some new tricks and behaviors. You’ll be happier because your pet finally listens and your pet will love all of the attention and treats!


Commit to Regular Grooming

We often fail to recognize how beneficial regular grooming is to our pet’s health and wellness. Sure, we may only take our pet to be groomed because we like how cute they look and how good they smell, but in reality they are gaining so much more. Regular grooming helps to reduce shedding, matting and allergies, and also can alert you to any noticeable changes in your pet’s skin, eye and ear health; it helps your pet look good and feel good too!
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