Outdoor Activities for You & Your Dog

The weather is getting nicer, the temperatures are getting warmer, the sky is getting bluer, and the flowers are starting to bloom once again. You know what that means, it’s finally Springtime!

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s good to know that we have the beauty of the great outdoors to explore and enjoy, and who better to head out on an adventure with than our four-legged furry friends!

How can you make the most of the current situation combined with the start of Spring? Make it a point everyday to take in the sunshine and fresh air with your pup, and to also try a new outdoor activity a few times a week to keep life fun and exciting. Continue reading for some recommended activities, and let us know what you love to do outside with your pet!

Biking: If your dog is great on leash, try having it trot alongside as you bike! You can purchase bicycle attachments that allow your dog to run beside you without straying too far or coming too close to the bike. While biking, take frequent breaks and go easy – you may feel like you aren’t exerting a ton of energy, but your dog definitely will be. It’s important to bring water for your pup to drink from during these pit stops as well.

Jogging: Maybe you’re going a little stir crazy, maybe you want to test the running waters, or maybe you just love the feeling of pavement under your feet! Regardless of your reasoning for heading out for a jog, consider bringing your pup with you. Most dogs make great jogging partners, as long as their fitness level matches yours. If you plan to take your dog out with you, it’s best to use a hands-free running leash that wraps around your waist paired with a good harness for your dog.

Hiking/Walking: If there’s one thing we know the majority of dogs love, it’s going for a nice, long walk, so why not add a little bit of a challenge or a view? Whether it’s a hike through the mountains, a walk around a lake, or an adventure through a wooded trail, both you and your dog will enjoy getting some quality exercise while surrounded by nature. As always, pack the necessary resources to make sure that your dog remains in a healthy, hydrated, and energized state. 

Play Fetch: While some dogs simply want nothing to do with the game of fetch, many love chasing their favorite ball, stick, or rope toy as it’s thrown across the yard. Not only is fetch great because it helps your dog burn off excess energy, but it also helps to strengthen your bond and gets your dog in the habit of returning to you whether from being called or not.

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