Your beloved fur baby may also be a never-ending supply of pet hair. Fur balls dance on the floor like dust balls in the desert. Furniture is covered in a layer of fluff. You find pet hair in places you never thought possible. 

If any of these apply to you, let’s see if we can help! 

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Vacuuming is probably the most effective way to rid your home of pet fluff. If you have a pet that’s a heavy shedder, you will need to vacuum, at least once a day! This not only includes floors, but furniture too! 

We recommend a stationary infrared pet vacuum, or this compact, handheld vacuum that’s handy, and effortless to use. 

Robotic vacuums, if they do not stress your pet, are always a great choice! With just a push of a button, your robot buddy can perform a daily vacuum, thus helping to reduce your workload!

Brushing and Bathing

In addition to keeping your pet well-groomed, brushing and bathing can help. 

Brushing your pet often is probably the best way to try and prevent hair from invading your home. 

Bathing in between grooming appointments is also a great preventative measure. However, avoid bathing too often as this can cause dryness.


As you know, pet hair can gather, anywhere and everywhere! Minimizing clutter will make it easier to clean and be one less space to fill with your precious fur baby’s fur balls. 

Folded laundry should be put away to help avoid the shed all over your clothing. 

Keep it Clean

In addition to vacuuming, keep up with wiping surfaces and hardwood floors. Microfiber cleaning cloths or microfiber gloves are great for attracting doggy and kitty hair. 

Air-purifiers are also great at trapping and locking pet hair.

Lint Rollers and Hair Removal Rollers

Keep an adequate supply of lint rollers on hand. Also, pet hair removal rollers are reusable and do a great job of picking up pet hair that’s gathered on furniture, rugs and clothing. 

Cover Furniture

If you are tired of the constant vacuuming of the furniture, try covering the furniture with pet blankets. Most can be easily removed and washed/dried. 


Did you know offering your pet balanced diet can help control shedding? Good nutrition can help your pet’s skin and coat. 

Consult your veterinarian regarding a high-quality nutrition plan for your lovable shedder. 


Controlling and eliminating pet hair from your home will not only provide for a better aesthetic, it will also help to reduce allergens! 

Although challenging, we hope the above tips help with the ongoing struggle of dealing with pet hair! 

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