Benefits of Swimming at AquaPups

Our AquaPups facility is quickly on its way to being a dream come true for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages! We’re so excited to let those happy wagging and splashing tails into the pool for the first time, and we hope you are too. AquaPups is so much more than just a pool for dogs. In fact, it serves up a pawsitively awesome list of benefits for our four-legged furry friends (and some perks for you too!). What are just a few benefits of swimming for dogs?

Exercise & Playtime

We all know that most dogs want, need, and require a lot of exercise and playtime. They’re used to playing fetch, going for walks, and running around the yard, so swimming offers up a fun and different type of exercise for them! Not only will they have fun swimming and belly flopping into the water, but they’ll get a full-body workout too. From cardio to strength work, swimming is a perfect way to help your pup stay healthy and in tip-top shape.

Burning Off Energy

Because swimming is such a good form of exercise for dogs and so much fun that they never want to stop, it’s a great way for them to burn off excess energy. Maybe your dog is just a little bit crazy 99% of the time and you can’t figure out the best way to get them to settle down and relax. Well, an hour spent doggy paddling and splashing away is a surefire way to tire your pup out!

Great Form of Stimulation

Dogs can get extremely bored and restless if they aren’t given enough stimulation, especially if they have to stay alone or crated for a long time during the week. Prolonged boredom and restlessness can quickly turn to misbehavior if it builds for long enough, so finding ways to busy your dog’s mind is key for a happy relationship! Taking your dog swimming regularly is a fantastic way to keep them stimulated by something exciting and fun (and it’s even better if other pups are around to swim and play too!).

Cooling Down

When the weather gets hot, dogs can have a more difficult time staying cool because they don’t sweat the same way as humans do. This is why it’s important to find other ways to help them stay cool because, as we know, when the south gets hot, it gets hot. What’s a great way to help your pup beat the heat? You guessed it, swimming!

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