The season of gift giving is right around the corner and if you are as obsessed with your fur babies as we are, adding them to your holiday shopping list, is a MUST!


Oftentimes, it can be quite tricky finding the perfect holiday gift for your fur baby. You may wonder if a certain type of dog treat, dog toy or even cat nip is good for your pets.

Instead of heading to the internet for pet wisdom, big box stores and/or chains, check out your local independent pet stores. They are great resources of information. You may just find local pet stores becoming your new favorite one-stop shop! 

Local pet stores afford an overall experience, you just can’t get online. It’s fun having your furry best friend tag along, and maybe even letting him pick out his own Christmas present.

Additionally, keeping your money where you live, is a great way to boost the local economy. 

If you have a good experience with a local pet store, share the love in the form of a Google or Yelp review!

Live in the Charlotte Area? Check out Pet in the City and/or Pet Wants Charlotte!


If you are looking for holiday gift ideas or stocking stuffers for your precious furry friends or the pet lover in your life, we got you! 

As mentioned earlier, first check with your locally owned pet store to see if they carry these items prior to ordering online! 


Check out these fun holiday gifts for the doggie in your life! 

Also, we have included a few “experiences” as gifts. Finding out your pup’s DNA can be done right in our office using Wisdom Panel DNA Testing. This is a great tool to understanding your pet’s genetics and may help to find out more about their health and susceptibility to disease and disorders. 

Do you know about Aqua Pups? The only indoor swimming pool just for dogs is located right in the heart of Charlotte. A gift card makes for great fun for your dog and for as little as $30, you can give the gift of a 30-minute orientation with a trained swim instructor!


We can probably all agree that cats are way less “needy” than dogs. Here are a few fun gift ideas for these independent bundles of joy:


The holiday season should also be a reminder to take extra special care of your pets if hosting a holiday celebration. Here are a few tips to keep them safe and less stressed:

  • exercise a few hours prior to guest arrival
  • give your pets interactive toys as a distraction
  • consider snuggling them in a private area for the evening 
  • inform your guests not to feed them

For additional holiday pet safety tips, read our Guide to Holiday Pet Safety.


All of us at Independence Veterinary Clinic, Aqua Pups, Healing Pups and Spa Pups wish you and your fur babies a wonderful holiday season! 

We treat your Pets like Family, because we know how precious they are to you and yours!

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