Pet Preparedness Month

As pet owners, we often don’t take the time to think about what would happen should our pets become involved in an emergency or disaster – the thought is too much to bear. However, that’s exactly why we should think about the possible emergency situations in which our pets could end up, doing so could just save their lives! June is National Pet Preparedness Month, and while we should be prepared for pet emergencies all year long, this month serves as a crucial reminder to review (or create) your pet’s emergency plan. What steps can you take to ensure you have a sound pet preparedness plan in place?

Understand the possibilities and plan your responses

With every area comes a variety of man-made and natural disaster risks. Take the time to understand and evaluate the risks within your community. After doing so, record how you plan to effectively prepare your pet for each. 

Update all sources of identification

One of the most important pieces of your pet preparedness plan is making sure that all your pet’s identification is up-to-date with its name, your name, and your contact information – this includes rabies tags too.

Keep records handy

It’s always a good idea to hold onto your pet’s records, whether they be for adoption, purchase, vet visits, vaccinations, etc. Keep the records all together in one, safe and secure place and include a current photo of your pet as well. 

Gather emergency supplies

Most families have first-aid kits and emergency supplies handy for the humans, and the same should be available for the household pets. Items (dependent on the animal) should include extra leashes, bowls, newspapers, trash bags, cat litter, litter pans, and at least five days worth of food and water, along with a regular first-aid kit. 

Communicate your plan

Whether it’s family, friends, or reliable pet sitters, it’s important to share your plan with the people you trust to take care of your pets. Doing so ensures that they are informed should you be away or unavailable when an emergency or disaster occurs.

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