Cat Boarding Suite

Welcome to Independence Veterinary Clinic’s feline boarding facility, your cat’s home away from home! We know how hard it is to leave your cat behind while traveling, and that’s why we’ve created a vacation experience like no other for your furry friend – to ensure that all cats get the love, care, and play time they need while their humans are away.

Our brand-new, state-of-the-art boarding suite features six 3-level luxury cat condos with access to windows for bird watching and continuous soothing music to keep your cat at ease. Have an adventurous kitty that likes to spend time outdoors? We have a peaceful “catio” area that allows your cat to explore while staying safely contained within the boarding suite. 

Whenever you’re away, you can turn to IVC’s cat boarding suites so your cat can continue to play. We will always treat your cat like family.


Condo Rate: $35/night

Additional Costs

Medication Administration: $10/day
Catio Time: $5/day

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