Summertime Noises: How To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

Dog owners love summer and the beautiful weather is provides because it means more adventuring with their best friend(s). Warmer weather means more walks, more hiking, more swims, and more outdoor seating at dog-friendly bars and restaurants. However, warmer weather also means fireworks to celebrate summer holidays and thunderstorms, lots and lots of thunderstorms. If your dog is one that is easily spooked or dislikes loud noises, then you may find yourself dealing with a very anxious or frightened furry friend during the summer season. But, have no fear! We have some helpful tips that will ease your pup’s worries.


Safe Place: By creating a safe place in your home for your dog, you are giving them an area to retreat to when things get a little scary. Take notice of the place or places your dog goes to when he or she is frightened and help to show your dog that it is a safe place. Make sure your dog always has access to its safe place so that it understands it can escape there whenever necessary.




Distraction: Distracting your dog with play, toys and treats is especially successful when they first begin to show signs of anxiety. As most dog owners understand their dog’s wants, needs and interests very well, it is best to try and engage in activities that you know your dog loves. Distraction may not continue to work if the noise persists or worsens however it is very helpful in delaying anxiety.



Consult Your Veterinarian:  Some dogs experience such severe anxiety when it comes to loud noises that medication if often needed to prevent them from harming themselves. If you feel as though you have tried other calming methods and none were successful, it may be time to consult your veterinarian. Never attempt to give your dog over-the-counter medication unless advised by your vet; human medicine can be fatal to them.

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