The Dog Days of Summer: How To Keep Yours Cool

We all know how hot southern summers can be, and we especially know how essential “cool down time” is once the temperatures reach 90+ with humidity. If you have a dog, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one impacted by the intense heat. Your dog may not sweat like you do, but it gets just as hot and needs its cool down time too. Whether you and your furry friend are adventuring and exploring or just lounging outside, you should always take a few steps to help your pup beat the heat.


Take a Trip to the Hydration Station: Dogs need water just as much as humans. If you find yourself getting thirsty while out and about on a hot summer’s day, chances are your pup is getting thirsty too. Collapsible dog dishes are inexpensive and very easy to carry; some even come with a key chain so you can clip it to your bag. By keeping one of these dishes and your own water bottle handy, you and your dog can both hydrate together as needed. If you’re not out and are just hanging at home, make sure your dog always has a full water bowl accessible.




Just Keep Swimming: If your dog loves to swim, then this is a perfect way to cool down without leaving the comfort of your home! Kiddie pools don’t cost much and are the perfect size for a dog that’s looking to enjoy the outdoors while staying relatively cool. Set the pool up in your yard, fill it up, break out a few of your dog’s favorite toys to throw in, and let your pup have at it! You will surely be thanked with a few very wet kisses.





Crack Open A Cold One:  Or unwrap one, rather. If there’s one thing dogs maybe love more than humans, it’s treats, and if there’s one thing dogs love more than treats, it’s cold treats. Next time you stop at the store, pick up a pack of healthy and natural popsicles for your furry friend to indulge upon when the sun’s beating down. If you don’t feel like buying them, no worries, there are plenty of dog-friendly popsicle recipes online that you can experiment with! You may find your dog loves to test out your new creations.




Don’t Get Blinded by the Light:  If you are going to be outside for a long period of time, it’s extremely important to make sure your dog has a shaded area to relax. As we know, staying in the hot sun for too long can cause humans to overheat and even lead to serious health problems. Well, the same goes for dogs; they need a place where they can go to escape the heat of direct sunlight. If there are no trees around, bring along a small tent or a big umbrella that will create enough shade for your dog to lie in. Never hesitate to take breaks indoors either.

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